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How to mend fabrics on sewing machine

Here is a blog post on how to mend fabrics. While not many sewers would like to admit that while sewing their garment got caught in the overlocker. However, I would admit that it did happen to me after not sewing for a long time. The overlocker has cut off where is suppose not to?!! Oh dear…!!! These things do happen especially when it comes to using a machine be it an overlocker or sewing machine.

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Another quite common to cut off things that are not supposed to happen like in the example of the sewing french seam on sheer fabric. Here is a link on how to sew a french seam. So do take care. While many fabrics can be mended easily but not so for sheer chiffon as once cut they tend to fray easily. So do try not to make a hole or accidentally cut the fabric while sewing.

How to mend fabrics using a sewing machine

While traditional mending is done by hand nowadays most modern even the most basic sewing machine mends fabric.

To mend a torn fabric personally I would recommend using an extra fabric underneath to give extra support. Pin this in place beforehand. Then set the machine for mending stitch setting. I am using a basic home sewing machine made by Toyota. While it is not the most basic one of all this machine will do buttonholes, invisible hem and a few others. Set according to the manufacturer’s instructions. It’s most likely a stitch that will stitch as it goes zigzag show here on down below dial number 11.

Make sure you use the universal sewing foot. Then dial the width of stitch to no. 1-2. It’s now set and good to go for mending stitch. Sew along the broken or torn surface. With the fabric backing it give some support and bridge the gap or spaces in between. Sew about 2-3 times till it is reinforce and it becomes strong. Also do remember to use a matching thread so that the mending stitch is not so visible.

mending fabrics
machine settings for mending fabric

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