How to sew jacket

How to sew a jacket at home

Here are some tips on how to sew a simple straight forward jacket at home. I have recently sewn myself a jacket not long ago. The fabric I use is boucle fabric with nice glitter threads weaves into it. It looks great for a dinner party.

How to sew a jacket at home

I choose Burda giovane (young) & easy pattern in which I found in supermarket in Italy. It is available in other countries as Burda young. Here is my review on this sewing magazine. It has simple straight forward modern patterns that appeal to all ages not just for the young. I love the simple uncomplicated cut of this jacket from issue n.13 2016 in which I got it free with a current 2019 issue. The patterns from this magazine do not trace out in which is a big plus point.

burda giovane

Sewing a jacket is basically is exactly like sewing blouse except that heavier fabrics are used and it is lined. The next bigger size might be better if the pattern is tight-fitting as one might wear a blouse or t-shirt underneath.

How to sew jacket
Burda giovane jacket

If sewing for the first time tries to choose a simple pattern that doesn’t require much pattern adjustment. Half the battle of the fitting is solved. Get to know the blocks first then make adjustments with latter patterns.

For the pockets, this time instead of sewing patch pockets like the pattern I opt for a seamless/ bluff pocket. In the end, it had nice results although some time and patience is needed for it.

How to sew a jacket

I also did line the jacket but half lined it instead of rather going the fully lined jacket. Fully lined jacket or coat do require a certain degree of skill otherwise the structure of jacket will just look bunched up and loses its shape. For easier life opt for half-lined jacket. Here is a link on lining a garment.

how to sew a jacket at home

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