Growing and harvesting borlotti beans

Here is a blog post on growing and harvesting borlotti beans. Borlotti beans are very much found in Mediterranean cuisines. It is sold in supermarkets and farmers’ markets as well. Although, homegrown always tastes much better and fresher. It’s used in soups, add to salads, or cook as a side dish. I made bean and lentil soup out of last years harvest. Here is a link to the recipe. Fresh borlotti beans don’t require much cooking time and soaking at all.

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growing borlotti beans

To grow them is the same way like most beans. The only difference in growing conditions is that they need a much longer growing time or best growing in a greenhouse.

Growing and harvesting borlotti beans

They grow easily from seeds. Buy them online or from garden centers. While it is possible to sow from dried beans that are found from supermarkets. One can’t be sure if it’s been chemically treated so as to prolong the shelf life. I have managed to sprout beans from supermarket bought ones and they grow well. However, there are some that don’t sprout at all. It is also cheaper in price the supermarket ones compare to garden centers ones. Here is a link to where to buy Borlotti beans from.

Once the seedlings are seen plant them out when the risk of frost is over. Or grow them indoors in a sunny spot like a conservatory or greenhouse. Otherwise, the growing conditions are like growing runner beans. Here is the link. One important tip is always to protect young seedlings from slugs as they just simply love to eat them.

Give it some fence or support for the Borlotti bean to climb one. Once the plant matures it will start flowering. Once pollinate it will turn to form bean pods. It will need some warm and sunny weather for the beans to mature. Plus some fertilizer as well. I didn’t give them much fertilizer but grow it manure well drain compost in a sunny spot instead.

Borlotti beans don’t regrow themselves. Therefore seeds will need to be sown again the following year. Come autumn with the first sign of frost the plant leaves turns yellow and slowly dies off.

Harvest time

Once the seed in the pod matures seen by the beans getting bigger in the pod. Also, the skin on the pod starts to thin out as well.

growing and harvesting borlotti beans

Also as the beans mature the signature Borlotti beans mark becomes more prominent. This is seen on the beans harvest in the pods for young beans there wouldn’t be many marks. It is possible to dry borlotti beans for later use.

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Borlotti bean pod on plant
growing and harvesting borlotti beans
growing and harvesting borlotti beans

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