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Burda giovane and easy review

Here is a post on Burda giovane and easy review. It’s a sewing magazine by Burda style which I bought while in Italy. I got it free with the August issue of Burda Style. This is very interesting as in the UK, as far as I know, have never got any free magazine with Burda style ?!! If you are in Italy you can buy this magazine from Ipercoop supermarkets or from the tabbacharia (newsagent/ newsstand). Otherwise, it’s eBay and I had a look it doesn’t come cheap compare what you get in Italy. Perhaps another option is to contact the publisher directly and set up some subscription or delivery.

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As it’s published by Burda style one would think that the format/ layout is the same. But no it’s actually got the patterns ready to cut!! Amazing no need to navigate those complexity of looking thru those maze of patterns. However, they do like about 5 styles in one pattern cut out. As it’s those patterns is based on basic pattern block. So if you want to sew another style one would to use the old cut out pattern and join the styles together. That of tracing out one for each style so as to keep the patterns together. Nevertheless, I find it much easier than tracing out on current Burda style issues.

inside burda giovane magazine

In the Burda giovane and easy sewing magazine in each pattern, there is step by step illustration on how to make the garment. There is also not that many patterns available as Burda style. Though the styles are young it’s a very much wearable for most ages. It has the same appeal as Burda style except a more trendy. In comparison to Burda style has more middle working age appeal.

burda giovane pattern

I am planning to sew a jacket from this magazine so will write more on next time. in the meantime, have a look at my other sewing  posts like fibre mood magazine review.

I just love to look at different magazines as even with the same magazine they have such different layout or formats sold in different countries.

burda giovane review

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