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Skirt vent, kick pleat or split

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How to sew a skirt vent, kick pleat or split. I have recently sew a tweed skirt. For the opening I didn’t want to end up with an ordinary skirt slit which can be revealing.

I wanted something that is neat. It is called a skirt vent, kick pleat or split and is quite easy to make one. I found the only trouble that I come across is when I start to try to put the lining in as well. As you will have to divide the lining as well.

I am just going to try to break it all down in steps.

First of all sew across the slit of the skirt like below.

Making the vent

It’s not that visible but there is a stitch on top right join the stitch at about 45 degrees angle. Next is to make cut across or opposite this angle. This will make the vent.

Press it open flat so that the vent separates from the skirt slit / opening.Below, is what it looks from outside without any lining.

To sew the lining on tack the lining to the opening of the skirt. Then divide like the skirt then sew a tacking stitch it will be visible outside. As the lining and the skirt are cut on the edge (slevedge) of the fabric there is not need to worry about the raw edge. Just sew them together. Otherwise if not fold in and sew the raw edges together.

Press them out. One tip about the is that once it’s cut its to bind the end together at the top. This is so that it covers the fray edges of the main skirt. It is something to consider when cutting the slit on the lining. Measure it out nicely. check that it falls nicely with the main skirt before making the slit.

how to sew skirt vent

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