Making a face mask at home

This is a blog post on making a face mask at home. It is also for children as well. With the current pandemic now more countries are making wearing face masks mandatory in shops, public transport, and public places. There is increasingly more evidence to say that it is more of use. It is possible to buy one in the shops but they don’t come cheap. the average price is around £7-£8 a cloth mask. For children sizes, they don’t come in many types.

Making a face mask at home

making a face mask
Home made face mask

However, I have found a free pattern to download from Burda style. Yes, there are children sizes included. The children’s pattern was is too big for my 6-year-old. I resize the pattern to the next size down and it fits much better. In that, there are two patterns of two different types of masks. One is face covered style and the other surgical mask tie style. If you struggle to find elastic do try the tie style ones. Williamgee website has still got 5mm and 6mm elastic online. It’s about the only few places that still have elastic in stock.

making face mask at home
children’s face mask

This pattern I found from Burda style is quite easy to make. I didn’t use any wire at all. The thickest facing I could find at home was used and it works. I also don’t use filters. Personally I don’t use both recommendations as I find them a fiddle to use and also my mask would be dirty after being out. The least I touch them the better. I use extra fabric instead. I cut up my son’s old reusable nappy which I have around all these years. They were suppose to be given away to charity shop but I didn’t get around.

Thank you for dropping by and reading. Here is another blog post on making a face mask at home.

making a face mask at home

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