scrunchie/ hair twist

How to sew a scrunchie/ hair twist free pattern

It has been a while since I wrote a blog post on making things at home. Now here is a blog post on making a scrunchie/ hair twist at home. I got long hair therefore, I use a scrunchie hair twist to tie my hair most of the time. Normally I would just go out and buy them. But in recent times I seem to lose them easily and now decided it is much easier to make my own as the shops are shut. Scrunchie hair twist has got a special place in my heart as I always use to love hair accessories since I was young.

For design inspiration, I love hair twist by a brand called Evita Peroni. In this pattern I use an old hair twist made by Primark, it is less luxurious and expensive than Evita Peroni. Old scrap fabrics are used in this scrunchie pattern.

How to sew scrunchie/ hair twist

To get going to sew scrunchie/ hair twist at home. You will definitely need a sewing machine. It is possible to sew it entirely by hand. some items are advantageous to have but it not necessary.

Necessary items will be to make one small scrunchie/ hair twist

Some scrap fabric at least 4cm x 45cm

Elastic bands 5mm X 20 cm

Needle and thread (even with using sewing machine you will need it to sew the ends of the fabric together.

Headed pins (for holding fabrics together and as a minimum to turn fabric inside out)

Large eye blunt needle or hairpin (basically anything with an eye).

Any scrap fabric will do although I will avoid delicate fabric and thin fabric like organza as they can get damage easily. Viscose and polyester is the cheapest. Silk and Velvet just give a lovely luxurious feel.

Not necessary but will be advantageous

a skewer (yes skewer like the ones you use in kitchen) it will take longer than a loop turner

if not use a Prym loop turner, to be honest, I have not used it before I just use whatever I have around.

I have also found out that the skinner the tube (scrunchie) is the harder it is to turn it inside out. The border the tube is, it will make life easier.

fabrics sewn together and the one on the left half turn

To sew scrunchie

First of all after cutting out the pattern fold the long ends together and sew the fabric together. Then turn it inside out using the skewer if none available use and headed dressmaker’s pin. The disadvantage of using a dressmaker’s pin is that it might damage the fabric. This step will the longest time in making a scrunchie. As turning a narrow piece of sewn fabric tube takes time. The skewer helps but it takes time. Although I am sure there is a quicker method to turn the fabric inside out.

scrunchie/ hair twist
fabric turned inside out

Once that is done then just thread the elastic thru the turned fabric. Just tie a knot, turn the raw edges of fabric in and sew in place.

scruchie threaded with elastic
scrunchie/ hair twist
Elastic ends knotted together

Thank you for reading and dropping by. If you have time do have a look at my other blog posts like making a quilted bag, making a face mask or making a pleated skirt at home.

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