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How to match pattern fabric on sewing garments

This post is on how to match patterned for sewing garments. It can be use to match when pasting wallpaper as well. I have recently bought some amazing quality fabrics online. However, they require match to make the pattern to work/ look better.

This is one of the main challenges of all sewers, dressmakers and putting up wallpaper. One most important factor to remember is always to have extra fabric on hand if not just hack/ alter the pattern to adjust the pattern.

Matching patterns can also come in any/ many types or forms. It maybe just how the way the fabric was made/ design. some are design to suit the designer needs like this one by Versace.

match pattern
Versace stretch cady print
match pattern
red versace print made into shift dress

Pattern match on tweed fabric

Some are just tweed fabric like the the one i made recently. Tweeds look really nice but they are notoriously to have horizontal and diagonly stripes that are all over the place. Something to keep an eye out when buying tweed fabric. I find that after sewing this tweed skirt it is quite easy to match the pattern. this due to the fact that it is a simple pencil skirt pattern. Nothing complicated about it.

tweed skirt
Tweed skirt I made with pattern match

That is in comparison with this Versace stretch silk cady print that is rather complicated to cut and make. I had to make some sacrifices. Otherwise I will wasting lots of fabric. It is still a great wearable and comfortable shift dress. Pattern is a hack I made from my burda magazine stash. With a bit of basic pattern cutting knowledge one can easily hack it. Like putting pieces of patterns together rather them sewing them separate in pieces. Just join/ or make more darts to fit together. I find that stretch fabrics are incredibly forgiving as well.

laying the fabric onto the printed fabric

Another tip is before you cut or even buy the fabric always check and double check the pattern layout again. Luckily in this instances the seller provided some pictures on how the fabric looks as a garment. Very handy tip otherwise it is very hard to visualise. that is why when you go to fabric shops they have got great pictures on the fabric looks on a garment.

So many other use of pattern matching like in a shirt opening, pockets. All these little things make a difference to ones sewing. And I must say I am still on my learning journey as I am still no professional at all.

match fabric close up look
close up fabric match
match pattern fabric on a shift dress

The importance of pattern matching

In summary knowing how to match patterns is an incredibly useful skill to have. Just watch the telly series on BBC “The great sewing bee” . It is one of the challenges given to the participants in all the shows. the more complex the design is the harder it is to match. sometimes it is just impossible to match without wasting lots of fabric. Like the one above.

fabric nearly matching

Hence why you also pay more for a nice well made designer as a result. It’s all these important skills points that make the garment look good. From look amatuer-ish to professional finish. it is just an extra effort in sewing.

side of dress made with pattern match as much as possible

Good quality fabrics can only do so much. The skill in learning how to sew is equally important as well. This is all written in my personal opinion. I hope this is tips and advice are helpful to you.

match pattern

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