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Sewing with tweed fabric

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Recently the weather has taken a change to autumn weather now it’s slowly creeping into winter. I have been sewing with tweed fabric as a result. I got his fabric during my first visit to the Knitting & Stitching show My visit to Knitting and Stitching showIt is shown twice a year in London. Marvellous show I could spend all day there. These suppliers were selling off the remnants of tweed fabric for quite reasonable price. I bought enough to make a straight pencil skirt.

Matching patterns and lines

Traditional British tweed fabric have got straight and horizontal lines of patterns on it. Some don’t some do. In order to sew one has to match these lines together. So that the end result it looks like a piece of garment rather distorted lines all over the place. More so if you have lots and many cut pieces. Especially if one is making into a jacket.

Making a waistband

As I am making  skirt a waistband is quite standard not unless the pattern doesn’t require it. However it just means that you got more bulky fabric to deal with especially at the corners. That’s is one of the main probelms I encounter when sewing with tweed or any thick bulky fabric.

Even things like pockets if it is bulky it show up on the end of result of the fabric if it is not dealt with. I am planning to take the waist band away. Or find some ways to debulk it.

Sewing a invisible zip is quite straight forward as the bulk is quite forgiving as the thick fabric hides any flaws. example like not sewing close to the edge.


I use invisible hem using sewing machine and overlock the fabric to reduce the bulk of the fabric.


Lining is quite important as some tweed fabric can be feel quite itchy on the skin. Like the one I got and so I use a lining to line the skirt. It  also helps to reduce the bulk on the fabric.

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