Water butt and slugs

What a change of weather since 2 weeks ago!! It’s been raining again today. The warm weather that was here that lasted nearly more than 2 months is now all gone. Nice to have a cool weather for a change. The garden has had a good soaked. Water butt is filling up happy days. No need to water the plants!! Time to stay indoors, signs of autumn coming…..

Water butt

I initially got the water butts (I got 2 X 100 liter ones) as we were going away for 6 weeks. Then I found out that drought doesn’t work with a water butt when you are no around. A 100 liter water butt can easily be drained out all within a day if it is not attached to a timer. And most current water timers on the market works on tap water pressure.  Now my husband has plumb one of it the shed so as to collect the rain water and the other is by the greenhouse. Rainwater great stuff for the plants.

img_1429However the slugs are out…. they manage to chew up my parsnip seedlings. Come chemical control coming not very organic so far it’s my proven method that works. It’s very heart breaking to see the seeds you sow that grown into seedlings only to be gone overnight!! As somebody (aka. the slug) has been feasting on it. Hopefully no more!! otherwise I will be on slug ‘patrol’ again.

They have also been chewing the spinach.  Perpetual spinach One of the reasons why they look sorry for themselves in the photos. I have tried all sorts of method to control them. From beer traps, copper tapes, eggshells. Finally I had to resort to bio control which uses pellets and they work very well.  There are lots of overgrown ivy coming from my neighbours as well. A good breeding place for slugs.

water butt and slug

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