Make your own Matthew Williamson kaftan (from a free pattern)

linkIt is not always one stumble upon a free pattern on the web. Here I found a free pattern and it is to make a Matthew Williamson (he is a British fashion designer) kaftan Make your own kaftan It’s a newspaper article online not another one of those sign your life (email address) away links. I don’t monetize on the free pattern link. I made it with lightweight silk fabric and the result turn out to be pretty good and amazing. It is quite easy to make which is even better. I didn’t have to do much fit as it is quite loose-fitting.

Update: 22/5/2019. Note the link to the free pattern is now not working. However, sewing tips and tutorials still exist. So sorry about that but thank you for stopping by. Here is a link to a similar pattern

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I got the fabric Ratti silk factory located in Guanzate near Lake Como, Italy. They are one of the big silk manufacturers there and their fabrics are amazing. I was there on holiday decided to go to Lake Como as I love fabrics a lot. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on nice silk fabrics.

Did some google search, some trips to places that didn’t exist anymore and finally got to the tourist information office. There I twisted their arm and got the information and directions of Ratti factory out from them and took the bus there. I just couldn’t home empty-handed!! And bought a few silk fabrics there. A great place to visit if you are visiting Lake Como. They have now got a website and online store called Carnet fabrics. I had hashtag them on Instagram so nice of them to acknowledge eh?

Closer look to the top I made. I wore it with a linen pants from Gap. Sunglasses by Versace.

I wore it while on holiday to Marrakesh, Morocco and it was great for the hot weather as it’s loose fitting, made out of light airy fabric.

Top I made wore it while on a holiday in Morocco. I love Marrakesh market as one could haggle when you buy stuff. It’s a must to haggle. Worn with GAP linen trousers , Birkenstock sandals and bag is from Marc Jacobs

I even wore it while hiking as I hate wearing the design of hiking clothes. As it’s silk it has got good wicking content. Pants from Northface and sunglasses from Versace.

Me on a hike to the foothills of Mount Toubkal. I wore it with a North face hiking pants
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    • Thank you for letting me know about the link not working. I have a copy of the pattern, however as it’s not my own work I can’t share it as it would go against the owners copyright. So sorry about that I hope you understand, however I found a similar design and it free to download as well. Here is the link There are loads of free patterns bluprint website.


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