growing and harvesting red strawberry corn

Growing and Harvesting Red Strawberry corn

Here is a blog post on growing and harvesting Red Strawberry corn at home. I have been growing Strawberry corn and making popcorn out them. Now just realize that I have not wrote on how to grow them. Anyway,, here it is.

Strawberry corn does look different from an ordinary corn one would find in shops or supermarkets. Don’t let its looks deceive you. It’s easy to grow plus it takes a short time for it to form corn kernels.

Of course, you will need to get your hands on some Strawberry corn kernels. I bought mine from premier seeds on eBay. There are plenty of places to buy them on eBay. Try using the search term ‘strawberry corn’.

Growing and harvesting Red Strawberry corn

Red Strawberry corn seeds germinate easily with much effort. Growing them in a well-drained manure compost and in a sunny spot. Like growing most corn for the optimum kernel to form the male spawn in which is called the tassel needs to meet the female cob. This is in order to form kernels in the cob. So don’t just plant one or two plants but lots and plant them in blocks so that will male and female spawn will meet. This is the main key to growing corn. As they need cross-pollination to happen in order to produce kernels.

growing and harvesting corn
corn plants

When growing Red Strawberry corn and other types of corn do grow other types of the plant next to it. As this process of helping each other like growing beans next to corn. The corn plant will provide support. While the bean will provide nitrogen to nourish the corn plant.

growing and harvesting red strawberry corn
red strawberry corn

Harvesting Red Strawberry corn

I have written a post on harvesting corn. It can be quite a complex process but easy once one knows what to look for. Basically, the kernel needs to ripen at the right for the most optimum flavor. Here is the link to my old blog post on how to harvest corn.

Above picture is the different stages of when the kernels are ripen. Once they are fully riped it’s filled and bright dark red in colour unlike the paler ones. It just simply means it needs more time to ripen.

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