lemon sorbet

Lemon sorbet homemade recipe

This a blog post on lemon sorbet homemade recipe. Sorbets are such great dessert to eat on a nice hot day. It makes a change from ice cream where it contains lots of creams which can be heavy and fattening.

It’s a great way to use up the fruit in season. While lemon is not in season at the moment. It’s possible to substitute it with peach. Just blend and purée the peach first.

The recipe is for lemon sorbet it can be adapted to make other types of different flavour sorbets. Sorbets are a great accompaniment to other desserts. In some restaurant, it is served as an in-between meal course as a taste refresher.

lemon sorbet

To make this sorbet, it’s like making ice cream you need an ice cream churned. It’s possible to do it by hand but it is time-consuming and needs manual hand scraping work. Using an ice-cream churner cuts the hand scraping work. If using a bowl type of churner put the bowl the freezer 24 hours before making this recipe.

This recipe serves about 4 decent size portions

Lemon sorbet recipe


200 grams granulated sugar

200 ml water

Juice half orange

150 ml of lemon juice

Half of medium egg white


In a pot boil the granulated sugar and water together. Let it cool down and set aside.

Prepare the lemon and orange juices and the egg white in the meantime. The more the sugar mixture is cool down the quicker the churning process will be.

Start the ice-cream churner let the paddle continuous running. While it’s running add the squeezed juices and melted cool down sugar. Then add half of the egg white. Let continuously churn till it becomes sorbet mixture.

This sorbet is great served on its own. Put into ice lollies mould. If there are any leftovers the sorbet is freezable. 

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lemon sorbet recipe

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