Growing and harvesting Wong Bok cabbage

This is a blog post on growing and harvesting Wong Bok cabbage at home. Tips and tricks from sowing to harvesting them. Wong Bok is a lesser-known Chinese leaf than Pak choi. It is also known as Chinese cabbage. there are many varieties of them. The ones I grew don’t resemble much of what you find in supermarkets but take a taste it is the same. It is also known as napa cabbage commonly seen in Kimchi making.

Wong bok plant
Wong bok plant

Growing and Harvesting Wong Bok

To grow Wong bok is to grow from seeds. I bought the seed from Seekay horticultural a few years back today the seeds are still viable. The seeds are easy to germinate. Do plant them sometime in early spring and late summer as in the summer the weather is too hot and they will bolt and start to flower.

Once germinate plant out the young seedling once the risk of frost is over. Do protect them from slugs and aphids as they simply love to feast on them. They are able to grow in partial shade and don’t really need full sun. Water regularly. Once the leaves are matured they are ready to harvest.

Harvesting continuously will ensure the plant will continue producing more leaves. It is possible to seed save once the plant produces flowers and seeds. As long it is an F1 variety that is only produced only one time.

Thank you for reading and dropping by. Do have a look at my other tips on growing greens like chop suey and cucumber.

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