Growing and harvesting Yarrow

This is a blog on growing and harvesting Yarrow at home. Yarrow grows easily in the UK. They are found in parks and anywhere along the roadside. Perennial plants so they come back year after year. Then why grow yarrow? They make a great natural dye plant. I love to grow anything that is easy to grow and comes back again year after year.

Once dyed they create a nice yellow color as they contain a lueolin, a compound that is also found in the weld plant. This is in use in conjunction with alum. It is not as popular a dye plant as weld but there you are it is a dye plant. The leaves and flower heads are dye producing

growing and harvesting yarrow

Growing and harvesting Yarrow

Yarrow is grown from seed that is available to buy online and from reputable seed providers. Just sow them on the ground once the risk of frost is over. They grow well in clay soil as well as well-drained soil. As they grow like weeds they don’t need much care. Though they will have some space to grow and not be in competition with other weeds nearby. this is to provide optimum gorw productivity. Once the plant is established which can take a year they will come back year after year. come late summer Yarrow will produce some white flower heads.

They are ready to harvest once the plant is matured and established.

Thank you for reading and dropping by. do have a look at my other blog posts on growing sye plants like growing Japanese indigo and madder.

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