How to sew shawl collar

This is a blog post on how to sew shawl collar. It’s been a while since I last wrote any topic with regard to sewing tips and techniques. So here is a blog post on this topic. Sewing is a great skill to have especially if you are very into fabric printing as one can show how great those printed fabrics look on a garment or home furnishing. It also expands what you can sell.

This shawl collar it basically for a top and dress pattern I got from Burda patterns. It is sewn onto a silk fabric therefore the tips will only apply to soft dress and blouse patterns. It creates a nice soft collar look that has got the look of a shawl on a blouse or dress.

This collar hasn’t for a collar band so it makes it easier to sew. The images below shows how the collar is sewn. However, it is sewn in quite a dark fabric so not that easy to visualize.

How to sew shawl collar

Cut out the pattern pieces as according to the pattern. Follow the instructions on the pattern. Normally the collar can be sewn before the main pieces are sewn together. But definitely the shoulders will be sewn before the collar is sewn.

Base of the collar

Make the opening of the neckline of the collar. It shares the same principle of making a pussy bow collar.

The wrong view of the base neckline
The shawl collar piece

Then attach the cut out piece of the shawl collar attach the part that is to be attached to the neckline. The rest becomes a part of the tie or collar. It dpends on the pattern.

The finished collar

Once it’s attached then sew the rest of the collar to the neckline.

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