How to grow and harvest mugwort/ wormwood

This is a blog post on how to grow and harvest mugwort/ wormwood at home. Mugwort has many uses more common in Europe is known to make part of Absinthe liquor. The scientific name is Artemisia Absinthium. There are many other uses of mugwort as it is edible and it is used in much traditional eastern medicine. I learn about it after looking at a recipe to make a traditional qing ming dumpling. Then I found out that it is easy to the seeds and grow this herb at home. So here I am growing it in my garden. I started growing it last year but only started sowing the seeds later into the year. Therefore the plant was not quite established and it produces not too many leaves. However, in order to make dumplings to give it, a distinctive green color one doesn’t need much.

Mugwort plant

How to grow and harvest mugwort/ wormwood

One of the mains reasons I grew mugwort as it is quite hard to find in shops. As it is a weed it should be easy to grow at home. To get growing one needs some seeds it is easy to find in seed suppliers online. Search for mugwort or wormwood. Sow the seeds sometime in March or April even in May it is still possible. If it’s early in the season sow under covers. It germinates easily it doesn’t require soaking or cold treatment.

Grow and harvest mugwort
Wormwood/ mugwort plant

Then once it hardens up or when the risk of frost is over plant it outside. Try to spread it out as much as possible. Grow it in a sunny spot and well-drained compost. Once established it will come back again the next year. It is ready to harvest when the leaves mature. It can be kept in the freezer compartment till it’s time to use it.

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