Growing and harvesting coriander

Here is a blog post on growing and harvesting coriander in a temperate country like the UK. It is much more hardy than some of its tropical cousins. . As you might know, I grew up in the warm tropical climate of Malaysia. Even after living in the UK for more than 20 years I still missed warm tropical spices, vegetables and fruits. Of course with globalisation nowadays one can get anything you want wherever you are. However are they as fresh as what you get there? My answer is of course not!! A definite no, plus the carbon footprint factor to be involved. So I always try to grow my own as much as I can. From scratch/ seeds. This journey has surprised me as I have/ herb found out that some tropical spices like coriander thrive quite well in temperate climates like the UK. Yes, gardening is hard work no doubt about it. But the rewards you get it’s priceless.

coriander plant
coriander plant

Here is how to grow coriander

It is possible to grow coriander from seeds. I get mine from eBay seller called Premier Seeds. They sell the slow bolt variety. I use to grow coriander from plant pots that they sell in supermarkets. It’s dead easy to grow especially in spring and summer season. However, they tend to bolt easily and they don’t taste as good as grown from seed.

Supermarket herb pot plant is quickly grown in controlled conditions. They are grown for commercially rather than flavour. So it’s a few reasons why they don’t so well at home. They are also fully matured as well.

coriander plant growing and harvesting

Simply sow the seeds in a propagator then transfer them to a pot or raised bed. Coriander can withstand cold temperatures down nearly 5 degrees but not frost. During the cold season they just stay dormant.

I just grow them in some manure compost. During spring wait till the risk of frost is over before planting them out. Otherwise, just leave them in a greenhouse or indoors.

coriander plant

Plant them out in s sunny spot

Harvesting coriander

How to harvest coriander is when the leaves start to mature. They need to be harvested constantly so as to have the plant to continuous grow leaves. It also prevents them from going into flower production. Once they start to flower they will start to seed. The stalks will start to harden and wouldn’t be much leave grown.

I have written other blog posts on how to grow lemongrass a herb that goes well with coriander. Here is the link to it.

Coriander are great to serve in salads, curry, soup, Asian dishes. From the leaves and young stalk. Coriander root are also full of flavour are great to use in different types of curry pastes.

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