fried tofu and chilli

Fried tofu with garlic and chilli home recipe

Here is a recipe on how to make deep-fried tofu with garlic and chilli. Recently I have been eating in a Chinese restaurant based in Chinatown, London. This recipe is based on a lovely dish that inspired me to make a recipe. While it may not exactly taste the same however it will be similar.

It’s a deep-fried in hot oil quickly which retains the nice and soft tofu inside but nice and crunchy outside.

fried tofu and chilli

To flavour it one can put some fried garlic, raw thinly sliced onions and chillies on top of it. Use medium texture tofu to make this recipe. It’s the key to successfully make this recipe. However, the softer the tofu the taste will be better however it is harder to handle when cooking and preparing.

As with most Chinese recipes, it’s great to serve with rice and a few other dishes. Here is how to cook rice using a rice cooker. This fried tofu with garlic and chilli is best to serve immediately while it’s still hot. Otherwise, it will go soggy. While pan-fried is a healthier option of cooking however the tofu it’s not sealed all round making it go soggy easily. If it’s fried in deep hot oil in a fryer it will stay crisp longer as the tofu is sealed all over.

Fried tofu with garlic and chilli recipe

Recipes make about 3-4 persons. It’s a vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free dish.


1 firm medium texture block of tofu about 200 grams

2-3 tablespoon of cornflour

Salt and pepper to taste

For accompaniment

1 red chilli

Half medium onion

Fried garlic

Thinly sliced half of medium size brown onion

Some chopped coriander and spring onion (optional)


prepare the ingredients as this dish will be served immediately after frying.

Mix the garnish/ accompaniment ingredients together so that they are ready to go. Chop and pan fry the garlic before cooking the tofu.

cut the tofu into cubes about 2cm square cubes. Be careful when handling and cutting the tofu as it can apart easily.

mixed the cornflour with a bit of salt and pepper to taste. Then dip the tofu into the cornflour mixture. Pan fry or deep fry it over medium heat. Once it’s cooked when the coated tofu becomes pale yellow. Take it off the hot oil and drain it on a kitchen paper.

serve immediately with the garlic garnish

fried tofu chilli & garlic

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