Raspberries how to grow and harvest

Here is a post on how to grow and harvest raspberries. Raspberry is a relatively easy to grow plant. Their bush growth are great to grown on borders or next to the fence in the garden. it’s a great summer fruit grow among with other vegetable like broad beans and tomatoes.

Raspberries are taste great eaten fresh. They are use in desserts and make into jam.

growing and harvesting raspberry

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How to grow raspberries

To grow them buy young rooted or bare root plants from garden centres in early spring.

It is possible to plant raspberries from cuttings. One has to ensure that they are disease free. They do produce young plants after they are older and these are the plants (primocanes/ suckers) are sold in garden centres.

Then plant them in a well manure compost in a sunny spot. It is possible to grow them in shade but the plants will be much smaller. Do not allow young raspberry plant to dry out or sit in wet soil. Also try to dampen down the weeds by mulching around the plant. Mine is grown near ivy bushes one of the many reason why it does not fruit as well as it should. I am short of space in the garden and it’s the only spot I can find which is ideal for growing raspberries.

Raspberries as they grow after the first year do take up a lot of room so be prepare to give them lots. Another reason they need pruning as they can grow like weeds lie blackberries.

Most raspberry plants are summer fruiting variety. There are fall fruit bearing variety as well but they do fruit in the summer. It’s a self fertile plant.

Raspberries need pruning every year. Even they are perennials the cranes that bear fruit only last for 2 summers.

Raspberries are prone to raspberries bettle one of the way is to remove it as you go along but it does not eliminate the probelm. the solution is to grow autumn harvest variety which is less prone to these probelm. Another probelm is raspberry cane blight is where the leaves starts to wilther and snaps off. The solution to this probelm is is feed and plant the raspberry in well drain manure compost.


Come around mid June and towards end of summer the raspberries are ready to harvest. harvest them when they are just ready to come off the stems. Any after the fruit will be soft any before it’s not quite ripen.

growing and harvesting raspberry

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