Raspberry yoghurt ice how to make it

It’s raspberry harvest season at the moment. This recipe raspberry yoghurt ice is a great recipe to use up those fresh raspberries harvested from the garden. It’s a great summer dessert or as a sweet snack for those hot summer days or hot climate/ weather. This recipe only uses 3 ingredients to make a simple fail-safe recipe. Not unless the ice cream maker decides to pack up.

It’s also a much healthier alternative compared to using double cream that is contained in most ice creams. By making your own at home one can quantify on how much to add to the recipe. For a recipe on how to make strawberry ice cream here is the link.

This recipe is good to into ice lollies mould if doing so there no need to churn the ice that long in the ice cream maker.

growing and harvesting raspberry

One note in using ice cream maker is that always never attempt to stop the machine while is churning. This is because the contents in the maker will continue to freeze and harden up. It will make the motor in the maker hard to move as it hardens up.

This recipe is great to serve with a chocolate brownie or with another ice cream like vanilla.

raspberry yoghurt ice

Recipe for raspberry yoghurt ice


225 grams or a box of fresh raspberries

75 grams caster sugar

250 ml natural yoghurt

Kitchen gadget requirement

Ice cream maker for churning the mixture into ice.


Purée the raspberries till they are nice and soft. Remove the pips by passing thru a sieve. These steps is not necessary if you don’t mind having the pips in them. Just add the raspberries straight into the ice cream maker to churn.

Once the raspberries are nicely crushed add the sugar and natural yoghurt and mix together.

Pour the mixture into the freezer bowl with the paddle running. Allow freezing and churning until the desired consistency is achieved. When the contents start to thicken up or the ice cream maker starts to rotate to another way it is ready.

raspberry yoghurt ice

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