Homemade chili oil

This is a blog post on how to make homemade chili oil. Chilli oil is used not only in Chinese cuisine but also in ma y other types of cuisines like Italian. While it is possible to buy ready-made chili oil from shops, homemade versions are definitely more superior to shop-bought ones. This is because … Read more

Fabric printing with St John’s wort

This is a blog post on fabric printing with St John’s wort. St John’s wort is a perennial plant/ weed that grows easily in Mediterranean and temperate climates. Another name for this plant is Hypericum Perforatum. The flowers in particular from this plant produces an amazing variety of colors. The leaves also do produce a … Read more

Growing and harvesting garlic chives

growing and harvesting garlic chives

This is a blog post on growing and harvesting garlic chives. Also known as Allium tuberosum, Chinese chives, asian chives, or garlic leek. This particular variety of chives is a perennial plant that grows back year after year. There are many varieties of chives. So are perennial and some are grown as annuals. This variety … Read more