Natural printed cotton tablecloth


Natural printed cotton tablecloth

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Natural printed old cotton tablecloth.

This is a natural printed cotton tablecloth. This tablecloth is made with lots of care and time using all-natural dyes. The leaves are foraged, pressed and then printed locally. Each piece is produced with a lot of love and can take up to 3 days from the start to finish. Scouring, mordanting, and preparing the dyes out of dried powdered/ chipped barks. Printing after which it is washed and ironed.

This natural printed cotton tablecloth is made using an old tablecloth, natural dyes and natural leaves. Therefore there are some (to be precise two) defects in this tablecloth which show some fray edges. I have shown it in the photos. Hence the lower price than usual. Creases, smudges, and dots are all part of the expected results of the natural/eco-printing process.

Feel free to request more pictures of this cotton tablecloth natural print before making your purchase. While this is sold as a tablecloth there are other possibilities to use this printed fabric like resewn into a garment like a blouse or made into pillowcases or napkins.

Care of the scarf

Only washing is required when the scarf is dirty, which means minimal washing and no machine washing as it’s delicate and naturally dyed and printed. Here is more information on how to wash and care for natural printed fabrics.

We hope that you will like this product as much as we like it. Do have a look at our other products that are for sale on this website. Thank you for having a look.

Dimensions 92cm x 90cm


natural printed cotton

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