Edible courgette flowers

It’s summer now there plenty of courgette flowers in my vegetable plot. A courgette plant can produce a glut of flowers male and female ones. Easy to grow from seed and it doesn’t need much care or attention. I love courgette flowers as I love edible flowers great to look at and it’s edible. It’s mild tasting as well.

These courgette flowers are on my courgette plants. The flowers are edible and can be harvested as long as there is enough of female flowers ones behind so that they fruit. Male flowers are the ones with just long stem with no fruiting seen underneath. The flowers don’t stay open for long so they need to be harvested and eaten soon.

Growing courgette itself is relatively easy as long there are no mildew on them. They need warm weather to grow so harvest them early in March/ April them plant them out the risk of frost is over. They grow prolifically so one or two plant will give more than enough courgettes and flowers to eat at home. Also there will be surplus of courgette to give away to family and friends.

Courgette love a sunny spot and well drain compost.

Courgette flowers are mild tasting flowers so it is a versatile edible flower that can be use in many dishes. Once harvested the flowers don’t stay fresh for long. One of the reasons they are not market commercially like courgette. However if you go to Mediterranean supermarkets like in Italy you will find them on supermarket shelves. Probably there is great culinary demand for these flowers.

They can be eaten raw in salads or baked stuffed with cheese and herbs. It looks great as dish decoration as well. Here is a link to a recipe out of these courgette flowers Stuffed courgette flowers recipe

grow harvest courgette flowers

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