Fish Cake recipe

I love making fish cake as an accompaniment to summer salad. In this recipe one can always substitute the spices or omit them to suit individual tastes. I like to add a bit of vegetables as it gives more interesting taste and texture. This recipes is using bread crumbs as a coating. Potatoes, egg and corn starch as the binding agent. One can also put different flavours into fish cake like by adding spices (some Thai curry paste) it changes the flovour.


200 grms of coley/ cod/ salmon fish or oily fish (Spanish mackerel commonly found in Malaysia or Singapore not seen them here in UK) (about 200 grms ) skin removed
I egg yolk, reserve the egg white for the coating latter
5 tablespoonfuls of cornflour starch (one can use any flour with starch (eg. all purpose or plain flour on hand)
1 small carrot chopped coarsely
1 tablespoonful of coriander chopped
one small waxy potato (about 130grms) like King Edward variety
1 teaspoon Thai green curry paste (you can omit if you don’t want to use it)
1 tablespoonful of chopped coriander leaves
5-6 tablespoonfuls of panko breadcrumbs
3-4 tablespoon cooking oil


Put the fish meat, egg yolk and 2 tablespoon of flour (reserve the rest for latter) in a blender. Blend them till it resembles of a shiny paste like texture. Chop the carrots, potato, and coriander up. Add them to the blended fish paste. Give it a good stir so that it is well mix. Then divide them up to about 8 portions.
Heated up the oven to 200 degree celcius on fan assisted. Coat each individual fish cake first onto the flour then the egg white. Then finally roll it on the panko breadcrumbs. Heat up about2 tablespoon of cooking oil on moderate heat. Then add the prepared fishcake. Fry till is becomes light brown. Take them out on put them on an oven proof dish. This is just to coat the fishcake in oil and to just half cook them. As potato is added to the fishcakes it takes time to cook them otherwise the potato will still taste raw (crunchy) in them. Therefore putting them is best way to cook them is in the oven for 15 minutes to make them nice, soft inside and crunchy outside.

I have paired them together with sweet potato crisps (recipe here Sweet potato crisp recipe, cherry tomatoes Tomato harvest today and watermelon cut into cubes.

how to make fish cake

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