How to use needle threader on sewing machine

Here is a blog post on how to use a needle threader on a sewing machine. Having a needle threader on a sewing machine is an added advantage. It helps with threading a thread on a sewing machine. So no need to squint hard (it’s an issue when one gets older) in order to thread the needle on the sewing machine.

In traditional old sewing machines or overlockers/ sergers, there is none of this attachment added to the machine. If you have to change threads often or one’s eyesight is getting old it will help a lot.

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needle threader on sewing machine

I have two sewing machines one on the lower end of budget and other is also an embroidery machine. They both come with a needle threader. Needle threader does get damage easily so do take care when using it. Once it’s damaged it will no longer be of any use and will need a replacement.

After 3 times using it on the embroidery machine, it would not work anymore. As it lost its alignment it will need a new replacement.

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Recently I found it on my old lower end Toyota sewing machine which I have not used before. So fingers crossed it will last me longer than 3 times. It is normally hidden away in the machine only the lever is visible (on the top corner of the picture). Have look at your sewing machine manual to check if it comes with one.

needle threader not visible except lever

How to use a needle threader on a sewing machine

Different make/ brand cones with different types of needle threader. it is not standard for all sewing machine. So always follow the instructions. However, the basic principles do stay the same. Like always lock the machine or put the presser foot down stays the same. Basically, the sewing needle on the machine needs to be on a neutral position in order for it to align with it. The main reason it gets broken easily as if one forgets this vital step the delicate mechanism will be broken.

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