homemade popcorn

How to make popcorn from corn at home

Here is a blog post on how to make popcorn from corn. It may sound easy. However, like most things in life, it’s easy if you know how to. I started making popcorn as I have been growing strawberry corn in my garden last year. Strawberry corn is quick easy to grow variety. However not great to eat fresh but great to make as popcorn. What I would say is that don’t let this small dwarf size corn telling you it will not be to make popcorn.

homemade popcorn
Homemade popcorn

How to make popcorn from corn

My own experience is using strawberry corn variety. If using a different variety you might need a dedicated space to dry corn like a dry room. Strawberry corn variety is much smaller than ordinary varieties you find in supermarkets or shops. Therefore it doesn’t require much space to dry. I just use an old plastic container to dry it on in the corner of my kitchen.

How to make popcorn
Dried red strawberry popcorn

It takes time to dry the corn kernels properly. Of course, you need the corn cob to contain corn. Not all varieties of corn are suitable to make popcorn. Red strawberry corn is one of the varieties. Here is an old blog post of mine on how to harvest corn. It’s a long time I found to dry corn out completely. If it is not dried the corn kernels will not pop into popcorn.

The trick to knowing if the corn is dried out is when the insides/ stem (the part that you always throw away) feels light and it is dry as a bone. So dry that it feels brittle.

Another trick to do is to fry a small batch of dried corn kernels. If it doesn’t pop and burns instead mean it’s not dried enough. Strawberry corn does pop into much smaller than shop-bought ones. However, it tastes far more superior than shop-bought as it’s fresh. Plus best of all you know where/ how it is grown.

To make popcorn just simply heat up some butter in a pot with lid and ad the dried corn seeds into it. Or use the microwave method which I have yet tried but bought some ready prepared ones from supermarket.

Enjoy. Thank you for dropping by and let me know how you get on.

How to make popcorn at home

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