Hand sewing in dressmaking – the types

Here are some hand sewing stitches that are great to use in dressmaking. I am a firm believer that one is going to spend this time why don’t just spend a bit more time to give the garment you are making a more professional finish. While the sewing machine but sometimes the sewing machine just wouldn’t work or get into the corner of where you would the stitch to go. It simply means that it gives you more control of the stitches where you want it to go.

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hand sewing dressmaking
hand sewing

Hand stitching takes time. It can take 14.5 hours to stitch a man’s shirt by hand compare to using a sewing machine. As a result hand stitches are now used in couture garment-making where it’s hand-finished. Interfacing is not iron on ones that a regular home sewers use. By knowing these stitches it takes your sewing up to the next level.

There are also hand sewing needles that are used for these different types of stitches highlighted below. Basically it depends on the type of thread that is going to be used as well.

Hand sewing in dressmaking

Here are some of the stitches seen in dressmaking. I am sure there are lots more around so feel free to add in the comments below.

hand sewing dressmaking

Straight stitch hand sewing

Yup, that’s right straight stitch can be sewn by hand. That’s what a lot of sewers do when in the days there is no sewing machine or simply couldn’t afford one.

Invisible hem

Invisible hems can be easily sewn by hand. of course it is possible to sew by sewing machine as well. Here is a link on how to sew invisible hem using sewing machine.

Blanket stitch

It is an embroidery stitch but it is used in making buttonholes as well. To do it by hand it takes a bit practice but yes definitely possible. It is a rarity to find it on ready to make a garment. However, it is possible to find it custom made garments that you find from top-notch tailors.

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hand sewing in dressmaking

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