jackfruit curry

Jackfruit curry recipe to cook at home

This is a recipe for cooking jackfruit curry. It may seem usual to some buy using jackfruit it makes the curry completely vegan (plant-based). This jackfruit curry is best to serve with some plain rice. For tips on how to cook rice using rice cooker here is the link.

Jackfruit is widely available in South Asia. Elsewhere it is sold in Asian grocers and it doesn’t come cheap. It is also sold in canned form as well. A great option as fresh jackfruit needs to be eaten soon. Another option is to keep the jackfruit when bought fresh still in its skin.

jackfruit curry

Jackfruit curry recipe

Recipe makes about 4 portions

500 grms of fresh or one canned of fresh jackfruit

1 medium size brown onion

3 cloves garlic

3 tablespoon of green curry paste

2 medium size carrot

200 grams of tender stem broccoli or similar type of greens

1 400 mls can or fresh coconut milk

1 tablespoon cooking oil

One tablespoon of soy sauce

A few turns of black pepper to taste

jackfruit curry


Prepare the onions and garlic for sauté. Peel, diced onion and mince the garlic finely.

Prepare the fresh jackfruit only do this prior to cooking otherwise it will go brown. Slice and take away the seed inside the jackfruit.

Prepare the rest of the vegetables in the curry like chopping the tender stem broccoli and slicing the carrots.

In a saucepan heat up the cooking oil sauté the diced onion till it starts to soften then add the minced garlic.

Once it releases their flavours add the jackfruit and the curry paste. Sauté for 2 minutes then add the rest of the prepared vegetables. Sauté for another 5 minutes then add the coconut milk. Let it simmer on medium to low heat till nice smells and flavours are release. This will take about 10 – 15 minutes.

Take it off the heat and it’s ready to serve with some boiled rice.

Jackfruit curry
Jackfruit curry

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