Knipmode review

Knipmode sewing magazine Review

This is a blog post on Knipmode sewing magazine review. I have not long ago got a chance to buy it online and got it delivered all the way from Holland.

Knipmode sewing magazine review

What is it about? Knipmode is a Dutch sewing magazine and as far as I know, it is not available to buy at newsagents here in the UK. I bought from an online newsagent online (Link here) but I have to pay hefty delivery fees. I did contact the publisher but I had to sign for a minimum of 6 months subscription. Also, I didn’t want to subscribe as I have to see what is inside first so I decided to buy a single issue from an online news agent-based in Holland. In which was very efficient in delivering my magazine.

in the magazine was a great style and pattern that would appeal greatly to an average sewer. It has less pattern compare to Burda style but more compare to Fibre mood or La Maison Victor. It’s only available in the Dutch language. Therefore one will need to understand Dutch or use some form of a translator.

Knipmode review


Having spoilt for choices I would consider a subscription if I get bored of Burda style or La Maison Victor. As both of them are easily available here at the newsagent. It’s also the cost of the magazine that needs to be taken into account. Otherwise, while the layout is not as clean-cut nevertheless it has got styles that I would definitely sew.

What it makes Knipmode so special is that they layout certain styles like in this issue a Sicilian look in which lots of different were based around this theme. Of course, there are also other looks this the issue which dives a general appeal to all home sewer alike.

Thank you very much for dropping by do have a look at my revie of other sewing magazines like La Maison Victor, Fibre Mood and La Mia Boutique.

Knipmode review
Knipmode review

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