jerusalem artichoke pickle

Jerusalem artichoke pickle how to make it at home

This is a blog post on how to make pickled Jerusalem artichoke at home. I found out about Jerusalem artichoke pickle from a fellow gardener. She gave me some to try and taste so good.

I have been growing Jerusalem artichoke in my garden over the last past 3 years or so. Here is a blog post on how to grow Jerusalem artichoke. And they grow like weeds as they grow very easily. Best of all this weed is edible. Now I finding ways to cook them as because of the inulin content it is not much of everyone’s favourite. Inulin can cause bloating when ingested in some people.

jerusalem artichoke pickle

If you don’t have a garden not to worry as the supermarket and shops stock them when they are in season. From late autumn to late winter is during the harvest season.

By pickling the Jerusalem artichoke it seems to cut down the inulin levels. This especially when it is harvested early in the season where inulin levels are high.

Pickling is almost the same process as making kimchi ie. fermented vegetables except for the fact that there is no chilli added. Here is a link to a classic kimchi recipe of mine. Therefore it can taste very salty if so just wash it down before serving. Pickled Jerusalem artichoke are great to add more flavours and textures to Asian dishes like sheng jian bao (圣剑报) and congee (rice porridge). It is a pickled vegetable at the end of the day.

Jerusalem artichoke pickle

To make Jerusalem artichoke pickle

300 grams of Jerusalem artichokes

3 tablespoon of dark soy sauce

3 tablespoon of light soya sauce

1 tablespoon of salt.

300mls of boiled water

1 clean old jam jar (largest you got otherwise just use two)


Clean thoroughly the Jerusalem artichoke as much as possible. Then in a bit of boiled water mix the salt till it’s dissolved. Then add the dark and light soya sauce.

Add the Jerusalem artichoke add the water till it covers the artichokes. Basically you want them to sit in the brine.

I like to keep these prepared pickles in the fridge door as I don’t want it to go mouldy if kept outside too long. Plus I have not sterilised the artichokes.

it will take about 2 weeks for the Jerusalem artichokes to be ready. The artichokes will turn colour depending on how much soya sauce is used and how long it’s been cured for. It can last up to at least 8 weeks. Although it will be long gone before them.

jerusalem artichke pickle
jerusalem artichoke pickle

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