Kek lumut Sarawak (Green moss Sarawak cake)

This is a blog post on how to make Kek Lumut Sarawak (Green moss Sarawak cake). I got the inspiration to make this cake after looking at this yummy cake sold on Facebook groups. It is rather pricey for some simple ingredients that I got at home. therefore I decided to make it myself instead. It is very yummy as the recipes used condensed milk, Nestum cereal, and maybe some kaya. This history of the cake I am not too sure as I am not from Sarawak but the cake itself it’s lovely due its ingredients plus it’s steamed.

Kek Lumut

It also has some pandan as a flavoring and gives the cake its green color. Most ingredients can easily be obtained from Asian grocers in the UK except for the Nestum cereal. It is no ordinary cereal like cornflakes although it has similar properties, except that it is lighter and sweeten I must say. It is a versatile ingredient to have besides as a breakfast cereal. Fried prawns or chicken with Nestum is another recipe.

Kek Lumut Sarawak Recipe

225 grams butter

180 grams caster sugar

5 large eggs

125 MLS condensed milk

1 tsp vanilla essence

250 grams / 1 cup Nestum cereal

30 MLS pandan extract from pandan leaves or pandan paste

130 grams ground almond

120 grams Horlicks

130 grams plain flour

A Bowl for steaming and a steamer


Kek Lumut mixture
Kek Lumut covered while cooking in steamer

Mix all the ingredients together. In this recipe, there is no baking powder or raising agent so it doesn’t matter too much how the squence of ingredients are put together.

Mix till it is well mixed. Steam in a steamer covered (this is to prevent extra moisture from going into the cake mixture) for about 1-2 hours till it is cooked.

Kek Lumut just cooked

Thank you for reading and dropping by. Do have a look at my other recipes like Kek Lapis and Kuih Ketayap.

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