Malaysian Hokkien (KL version) noodles

This is a blog post on how to make Malaysian Hokkien (KL version) noodles. KL stands for Kuala Lumpur is where this noodle dish is made popular. I remember growing up eating these street stall vendors as a midnight snack or late-night dinner. It is still quite popular due to its smokey flavor with fried pork lard. It is a bit like Char Kuey Teow but a different version. Hokkien noodles are more gravy and seafood in their content. Besides Asian shop-bought egg noodles, I have used egg noodles which are available here in the UK supermarkets. It is possible to make these noodles at home as well. It’s a bit like making your own pasta noodles.

For the dark sauce, it is a bit tricky to achieve as it all depends on the sauce one uses. I use Cheong chan Karamel sauce. It is the sauce to use for cooking this type of noodles nothing else. As I would say it has its own individual taste not al like dark soy sauce or oyster sauce it is just so wrong. It has got a smokey and a hint of sweetness to it. I bought it from Tradewinds Oriental shop as they are reasonable and provide fast service. For the stock, I use Japanese Katsuobushi flakes I believe are Bonito flakes to give it a more umami taste. This dish is fast and quick to cook.

Recipe Malaysian Hokkien (KL version) noodle for 4 people

275 grams (1 packet) ready or homemade noodles

2 tbsp oil

3-4 spring onions sliced finely white and green parts separated. or One medium-size onion.

3-4 cloves of garlic finely minced

200 grams raw prawn & squid

100 grams fresh pork skin to fry into pork scratching and oil

200 grams leafy green like lettuce, Chinese leaves like pak choi, choy sum or Chinese leaf or cabbage

2 tbsp of bonito flakes (Katsuobushi)

2 tbsp Cheon Chan Karamel Masakan sauce

Some pepper to taste

some of the ingredients


Prepare the ingredients before cooking. Chop the spring onions or onion and garlic. Wash and slice the greens, prawns, squid, and pork. Fry the pork skin till it becomes crispy like a scratching set aside. Either reserve the oil for cooking or discard the oil produced from frying the pork skin.

Fried pork scratching

Once the ingredients have been prepared. Then heat the oil in a wok, fry the onion and garlic till fragrant. Then add the seafood, noodles, the dark Karamel sauce, and some water to loosen it. Cook on high heat till the seafood starts to cook at the bonito flakes, then the greens. Once the greens start to wilt take it off the heat. Serve warm with some pork scratching and pepper to taste.

enjoy. Thank you for reading and dropping by.

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