pak choi and gem lettuce salad

This is a recipe on pak choi and little gem lettuce salad. I have recently have got a bit of pak choi and little gem lettuce harvest from my garden. For further information on how grow them the links are here. Growing and harvesting Pak choi Little gem lettuce growing and harvesting

The recipe is a great on it’s own or as side dish to a main dish like lasagne or even pizza. It’s a great recipe top your 5 a day (It’s a recommended daily intake of different colours of fruit and vegetable). I have got most of the ingredients from my garden in October. So do feel free to subsitute or add a different type of ingredients to suit one’s taste.


(makes about 2-3 persons). Depending if one planning to make it as a main course or side dish.

100 grms Pak choi

100 grms little gem lettuce

4-5 red or white radish

6-8 cherry tomatoes

half of medium size cucumber

a small handful alpine strawberries (subsitute with 1 tablespoon of algrave syrup if none)(optional but I like a bit of sweetness in salad)

2 eggs

60 mls (1/3cup) of white wine vinegar to make poached eggs

5-6 slices of Italian salami and ham

Olive oil enough to drizzle

A handful of sun dried tomatoes (here is how make it Making sun dried tomatoes

1 tablespoonfull of fried onions (optional)

White wine vinegar (optional)


Wash all the vegetables through before slicing. Do use a salad spinner if there is one around.

Slice the pak choi and little gem lettuce to about 2-3 cm thickness. Slice the radish thinly to about 0.5cm thickness. Half the cherry tomatoes. Slice and cut the cucumber into quarters.

Make the poached eggs. First boil a pan of water. Add about 60mls of vinegar. Start stirring or swivel the water in pan with spoon. Add the cracked egg. Continue to swivel around so to prevent the egg from sticking to the pot. After 3 minutes take the egg off the boil water and plunge it into a bowl of cold tap water. this to prevent any more further cooking of the egg.

Arrange the salad like the picture above.

Lettuce pak choi salad

pak choi lettuce salad

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