how it look after sewing invisible stitch

Invisible hem with sewing machine

The is post is about how to do invisible hemming using a sewing machine without an invisible hemming foot and with an invisible hemming foot on the sewing machine.

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Invisible hem using a sewing machine are great invention as it’s much stronger than conventional invisible hand hemming. It will good to have invisible hemming foot as it gives more control using exact measurements. I have done it without using one. Here is how….

First of all prepare the hem by pressing the fabric using an iron so as to mark how much hemming you need. Invisible hemming does require at least 0.5 cm (about 1/8 inch).

how to measure out invisible stitch

A finished ironed hem should be about 2-3 cm in this instance but can be more if there is enough fabric.

turning over to check invisible stitch
measuring out invisible hem

Then pin the hem down allowing at least 0.5cm from the edge between the top hem (with the pin head towards the edge of the hem) and the fold. Put the pins the same length as this will the gauge when you sew the hem down on the sewing machine.

When you flip over the inner fold of the fabric it will look like this.

how it look after sewing invisible stitch

Sew on the sewing machine. All you really need is the number 8 stitch setting shown below.

invisible stitch on machine

With the absence of an invisible foot I use the middle edge of sewing foot as a gauge of that one stitch which will catch the other side of the hem.

using ordinary foot for invisible stitch
invisible hem foot

I have recently got the invisible foot for the sewing machine and it looks like this, by having an extra white adjustable bit in front which helps to stablize the hem when sewing.

it looks like this when it is sewn.

invisible hem stitch

It may look at times a bit bunch up pressing with an iron with help. Failing that adjust the tension on the sewing machine.

The hem is invisible except when close up one can only see small little stitches the rest is hidden/ invisible.

invisible stitch seen at right side
invisible hem
invisible hem
invisible hem
invisible hem

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