Tomato and egg soup

This is quick to cook soup. A great way to use up tomato at the end of season or even just to add an extra dish. If one gets an unexpected guest turning up. Therefore this recipe is about tomato and egg soup a classic chinese soup. The egg added to the soup adds texture, flavour and thickens the soup.

tomato and egg soup recipes
Tomato and egg soup

Makes about 4 small (about 300 mls size) bowls


1.2 liter chicken stock (4 cups) (how to make here Chicken noodle soup ) or 1 low salt chicken stock cube

250 grms ripen red tomatoes (San manzano variety or similiar)

2 medium size eggs

3 stalks spring onion

1 teaspoon sesame oil

1-1/2 teaspoon low salt soy sauce

1 tablespoon cornstarch (or pure form for completely gluten free)


Chop and cut the tomatoes into quarters. If one doesn’t like tomato skins in soup here is how to remove the skin on Quick tomato salsa

Sliced the spring onions finely.

Break open and beat the eggs.

Mix the cornstarch with some water about 2 tablespoon. This is to thicken the soup.

Bring to boil the chicken stock or 1 liter of water to boil. Then add the tomatoes. Boil the tomatoes till they begin to soften.

Before turning off the heat add the cornstarch mixture. When the soup starts to thicken turn the heat off. As soon as the heat is turn off add the beaten egg and give it a good few stirs. Add the spring onions and season with sesame oil and soy sauce.

egg & tomato soup

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