vanilla ice cream with sprinkles

Vanilla ice cream – how to make it

Here is a recipe to make custard based vanilla ice cream. How to make this classic custard based vanilla ice cream. It’s an all time favourite ice cream that pairs / goes well with other dessert dishes like chocolate brownie. It’s also great on it own or serve with some summer fruits like strawberry.

This homemade ice cream may not have the lasting power as the shop or supermarket bought ones. But it taste fresh and far more superior than shop bought ones. As it taste much better it wouldn’t last very long in the freezer.

vanilla ice cream with sprinkles
vanilla ice cream with sprinkles

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As with all ice cream it’s a favourite with children and adults as well.

For this recipe you will need an ice cream churner or a ice cream maker. For where to buy on online here is one from Vonshef. They online delivery as well.

Recipe for vanilla ice cream

makes enough for 8 people.

vanilla ice cream on a cone
vanilla ice cream on a cone


2 egg yolks

50 grams caster sugar

150 mls semi skimmed milk

150 mls double cream

A few drops of vanilla essence

First of all make the custard. This done by heating up the milk on the hob but not let it simmer. Then the caster sugar and egg yolks. Always make sure to constantly stir with a wooden spoon. It’s done once the custard starts coating the back of the wooden spoon.

Let it cool in the fridge once the custard is cool enough to go in the fridge. If you want speed up the process of cooling down put it in the freezer for 20 minutes.

Once it’s cool down enough to fridge temperature churn it in a ice cream maker till it’s ready. Enjoy it on it’s own on a ice cream cone or with a dessert.

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vanilla ice cream

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