making raspberry ice lolly

Making raspberry ice lolly

This is a blog post on making raspberry ice lolly. A great kids’ summer favorite cool snack on a hot day. It is very easy to make at home. It is possible to use any type of fruit. Raspberry makes a great ice lolly as it is a summer fruit that is easily available during summer. Other types of fruit are like strawberry, banana, lemon, or even cordials. Yes, cordials if there is no usable fresh fruit at home. Cordials like orange are quite popular as you will end up making the ‘Sunburst’ ice sticks that are available to buy-in shops. No need to buy when you can easily make them at home. Soft drinks like San Pellegrino or even Fanta are other ingredients that can use. However, it is not as healthy as using fresh fruits.

MRaspberry ice lolly

Making raspberry ice lolly

No special equipment is required except a blender which helps to crush the raspberry into a puree texture. Just add some caster sugar and lemon juice you are good to go You will need an ice lolly mold which is available to buy from shops and supermarket come spring and summertime. Ice lolly mold comes with a top that goes on the mold. This top becomes an ice stick that holds the frozen lolly in place. I have lost the tops I use disposable plastic spoons which works as well.

Raspberry puree

This mold has got other possibilities to hold other things like ice creams. Depending on the type of ice lolly mold that you have you might need some freezer space to freeze the ice lolly mixture. It takes about a minimum of 4 hours depending on the type of freezer and ice lolly mold you got at home.

raspberry ice lolly
ice lolly mixture ready to into freezer

Once the ice lolly is set take it out of the freezer. Hold onto the bottom of the ice lolly mold. The heat from the hands will slowly melt the ice. This will loosen the ice lolly from the mold. Enjoy.

Thank you for reading and dropping by. Here is my other blog post on making vanilla ice cream and raspberry yoghurt ice at home.

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