Fabric printing with Logwood

This blog post is about fabric printing with logwood. This is my latest and new experiment in printing fabrics. Logwood is actually a chipped bark that produces a lovely deep purple color. It is a stunning color that now many natural fabric printers are using to print fabrics. It is also used in natural dyeing … Read more

Natural (plant-based) mordants in fabric dyeing

natural (plant-based) mordant

This a blog post on natural (plant-based) mordants in fabric dyeing. Nowadays there is a big wave of saving the planet and environment. The textiles industry has been going in the same way too. Using more eco /environmentally friendly products that cause less harm to the earth in the process. I have previously written two … Read more

Dyeing with avocado

avocado halves

Recently I have been eating and collecting lots of avocados. They are also good for you. For dyeing with avocado, I have been drying the skins and pits in the greenhouse. It’s funny how they make good dyes as the flesh is such vibrant green. who would have thought that avocado would give you nice … Read more

Onion skin – natural dyeing

Today I had a great day dyeing with onion skins. I have collected brown onion skins over time. Brown onions are very common available here in the supermarkets. I haven’t had much room or success from growing brown onions in the garden. However, they cheap to buy. I use them in stir frys and everyday … Read more

Tagetes minuta dyeing

Who would have thought that this weed Tagetes minuta easily grown in the UK makes a good dye. It has grown so high and so much that I don’t know what do with it initially. It has got a strong mint smell as one walks past. I have to yet to decide on what recipes … Read more

Using amaranth as a fabric dye

dye pot 1

It’s now mid-October, I have a bit of amaranth grown in my garden. A good harvest as they say. I grew the amaranth in the allotment in Italy. And they grew like weeds. Nothing like I have seen before. I have decided to make some fabric dye out of them. I have found out that … Read more