natural (plant-based) mordant

Natural (plant-based) mordants in fabric dyeing

This a blog post on natural (plant-based) mordants in fabric dyeing. Nowadays there is a big wave of saving the planet and environment. The textiles industry has been going in the same way too. Using more eco /environmentally friendly products that cause less harm to the earth in the process.

I have previously written two blog posts on mordants for natural dyeing part 1 and part 2. but that is using minerals. These are minerals not plant-based products. Some of these minerals are bad when ingested therefore perhaps time for some alternative. These minerals like copper and iron are available easily so need to go out and but it.

natural (plant-based) mordant

Natural (plant-based) mordants in fabric dyeing


Who would have soy bean would be a good natural occurring mordant product. Well they do they are much more friendly than alum. However it is not as strong I found. All you need is unsweetened soy milk these can be shop bought or homemade. For homemade soy milk is to get hold of some soy beans and soak them overnight till soften. Then blend it down and extract the milk but separating the juice and blended beans apart. Then just it a pre mordant to the fabric so as to increase the level of protein the fabric. It is a great mordant for all kinds of naturally occurring fibres.

Natural (plant-based) mordants

Rhubarb leaves

Rhubarb leaves are full of oxalic acid mand they make a great mordant if you can get hold of them. Because of the high oxalic acid, they are poisonous when ingested. Have a handful of leaves just boil it down and use it as pre mordant. Once used as a mordant pre or post dyeing the remaining solution can be store away in a plastic container.

Rhubarb leaves also make a great yellow dye for animal fibres.

Oak gall nuts and staghorn sumac leaves

These are high in tannin so they make a great mordant for vegetable fibres. Just crush them then boil them so as to release the tannin content. Then use it. I have yet to use them personally will write more when I have.

Natural plant based mordants

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