Bluff / seamless patch pocket how to sew it

bluff pocket on jacket

This a blog post sewing bluff patch pocket. It’s called a bluff as one can’t see the sewing lines on the pocket. It is also called in-seam pocket as it’s sewn inside rather than outside. Pockets are a great item to have in a garment. It is not essential for a garment to have a … Read more

Sewing a waistcoat – how to sew

Here is a post on sewing a waistcoat. Sewing a waistcoat can quite challenging as there are welt pocket, notch collars, buttonholes and lining involve. For detailed instructions on how to sew welt pockets here is the link. Waistcoats do come in trend every now and then. They are great to wear on its own … Read more

How to sew side seam pockets

This post is on how to sew side seam pockets. Side seam pocket is also known as inseam pockets. It is seen and used in my types of garment/ clothes making. Commonly seen in dresses, trousers, shorts and coats. Unlike like welt pockets which I have made previously this pocket is hidden away at the … Read more