how to sew patch pockets

How to sew patch pockets

Here is a blog post on how to sew patch pockets. Patch pockets are easy to sew pockets that many beginner sewers come across with. Need a pocket quick? Make a patch pocket. Having said that it is not the easiest to make of all. That’s it to make it perfect and looks good.

There are a lot of other types, of course, many other types of pockets that one can make. Have a look at my other blog posts on making side seam pockets and bluff / seamless pockets. While it is to understand what is side seam pockets, bluff/ seamless pockets are a bit like patch pockets but sewn inside instead of outside. Bluff pockets are commonly sewing on outer garments like jackets and coats. Patch pockets are commonly seen in jeans, men’s or women’s work shirts and rough ready wear like boiler suits. this where the idea of topstitch is meant to be shown as part of the garment design. Se here is how to make patch pockets.

how to sew patch pockets
back with patch pockets I sewn on a pair of pants

How to make sew pockets

First of all, you will need a pattern in order to sew a patch pocket. It is possible to draft a pattern yourself. The size and the location, in my opinion, is the most important of all. As a pocket that is visible needs to look good and at the same time functional. It depends on where it is sewing. Jeans and skirt patch pocket tends to be bigger.

sewing patch pocket
overlocking and sewn top edge of patch pocket

I am using a patch pocket pattern from Fibre mood pattern magazine. For further information about this magazine which is available to buy online click here. First of all, cut and transfer the main garment in this case pants and pocket patterns. Then press the edges of the pocket according to instructions (it’s normally in between 1-2 cm). Do overlock beforehand.

how to sew patch pocket
patch pockets made at back of a pants pattern

First of all finished the top edge of the pocket opening. If there is any topstitching pattern on the pockets seen commonly in jeans pocket do it now.

Then using a top stitch just sew all round the pocket in place to the main garment.

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