How to make chia seed dessert

This is a blog post on how to make chia seed dessert. Chia seeds are in a healthy food wave at moment. There is a reason for this as chia seed are known for its healthy properties. Chia seeds can now be bought from supermarkets and health shops. They more widely available compared to 5 years ago.

Chia seeds can be made into all sorts of dessert. It can also be used to make into main courses as to bulk up salads, breakfast cereal and health bars. It’s also gluten-free. It’s also high in dietary minerals. Basically all the good stuff. Do take care of adding the calories into this pudding from the coconut milk so try to use a low-fat option. Due to its high starch content on can use it to substitute as much as 25 % of egg and oil content in cakes.

This recipe is about how to make chia seed dessert. I was inspired to make chia seeds into a dessert after tasting some healthy dessert at Pret A Manger it a chain of healthy ready made fast food. It can also be a dairy/ lactose free dessert by using almond or coconut milk.

This recipe uses a combination of summer fruits, to be honest, you can use any fruits you like. The only difficulty in making this recipe is making the balance ratio between the liquid and chia seeds right. This forms the pudding base. The fruits and maple syrup is to flavour the pudding. It makes it more interesting to eat. Plain chia pudding does have any taste at all. Too little the mixture will be quite hard and starchy. It also can take a while for the pudding to be ready. It’s a make-ahead dessert.

Recipe Chia seed pudding

for about 8 portions

3 tablespoon chia seeds

250 mls (1 cup) of low fat coconut milk or almond milk or cows milk.

A selection of summer fruits

A small handful of strawberries, blueberries and blackberries.

Some chopped kiwi fruit

Maple syrup


Measure out the ingredients to make the pudding. Soak the chia seeds and the coconut or almond milk for at least 3 hours.

Add more chia seeds or milk depending on how you like the pudding texture to be like. For another dessert recipes here is a link to a chocolate brownie.

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