Make your own compost

I love gardening, I love to recycle as much of my garden waste as much as I can. This a blog post on how to make your own compost at home. While it is possible to make compost out of food and animal waste. It is not a common practice. Simply the animals in surroundings are interested in feasting on them before they get composted.

Most people would use a compost bin called a composter. It is definitely possible to make your own composter bin as well. The cost of buying a bin it’s relatively reasonable in the UK. I got mine for around £18. However, if you located in rural areas of say Europe where composting is not a common practice composters can be expensive. In rural areas where there are farmlands, you get free manure to use as compost for the vegetable plot.

The basics of making compost at home

The basics of making a good one are layering green and brown matter. The time that takes to make compost depends on how much heat and ventilation they get. Also, any agent that has been added to the mixture to make the process faster. Not all items can be composted easily. Thick branches of plants or trees can’t compost easily. Also no manufactured sugary items like yoghurt or drinks. It will just attract ants as a result.

The composted comes with the top lid and a side lid so that you can add and remove the compost. It is a great invention however that’s in principle. As you will need to add items that will decompose easily otherwise it will be stuck in the middle of the composter!! Rather than going down. If that happens don’t worry just tip the composter over and start over again. At this stage you might wonder why do it in the first place. The important thing to note is to always layer the brown and green matter. To get lots of room for ventilation nature will do the rest.

Brown matter good to make compost

Newspaper single layer

Manure – horse from local stables if can get hold of them

Ground coffee

Tea bags

The green matter that is good

Cut grass


Unwanted green vegetables

Fruit and vegetable peelings and cuttings

Just try to layer them as you compost them. I have got a small kitchen compost that will keep all the peelings from cooking and eating. In which I latter add them to the composter in the garden.

It is possible to compost food and small bones by using a bokashi bin system. It does cost a bit of buying the system something to keep in mind.

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make your own compost

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