French sewing magazines review

Here is a blog post on french sewing magazines review. I wrote a blog post on this as I have bought myself some more sewing magazines! I bought Coudre cest facile, Modes & Travaux and Ottobre design. Ottobre design is also sold in the UK as well. The first two is not sold in the UK. These magazines were bought outside at the departure gates Nice airport where they sell a huge variety of French and international magazines and newspapers. Trust it’s huge, while I didn’t get hold some but I got some that I have seen online. Well at least on the English version of google search engine.

I manage to get my hands on a few. Some magazines were published in different versions like Simplicity is available as Carta modeli in Italy. This goes the same as the french sewing magazine. I found Knipmode in French version and same goes with Burda.

french sewing magazines

I have written in the past on other sewing magazines review like on Italian sewing magazines, Fibre Mood and La Maison Victor magazine.

French sewing magazines review

Modes & Travaux cost only 2.90 euros the most cheapest magazine of all. It is not a complete sewing magazine more like a home lifestyle magazine with decorating ideas, beauty, recipes and of course sewing at home. It is laid out incredibly very stylish with a french chic.

Then there is Coudre Cest facile which is a great craft and sewing magazine for the family from young to old plus Christmas and winter crafts. This issue I bought has got ‘petits cadeaux’ basically means small sizes. I will try to get another issue and see if they still do any more infant patterns. As if one doesn’t need infant pattern it just simply wouldn’t make sense to buy this magazine. Cost price 6.90 euros double of Modes & Travaux.

French sewing magazines

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