Growing and harvesting Blackcurrants

growing and harvesting blackcurrants

This is a blog post on growing and harvesting blackcurrants. Blackcurrants are soft fruits which have got a tart like a flavour. The dark purple berries and are rich in Vitamin C. It is available in supermarkets during the seasonal times around June. Black currant has got many uses from jams to desserts. It’s great … Read more

Courgette/ Squash Blossom fritters

courgette/ squash blossom fritters

This is a blog post on how to cook courgette/ squash blossom fritters. Around this time of the year (June to August) courgette, squashes, zucchini and marrow produce flowers that are edible. These flowers / blossoms are sometimes produced in abundance particularly when the plants is established and matures. So there are lots around to … Read more

Growing and harvesting corn lamb lettuce

growing harvesting corn lamb lettuce

This blog post is on growing and harvesting corn lamb lettuce. It is also called as corn lettuce or lamb lettuce. simply because the size and the shape of the leaves resemble of lamb’s tongue. Corn lamb lettuce is an easy to grow lettuce that survives the UK winter season. The hardiness in the UK … Read more