How to grow and harvest Vietnamese coriander

This is a blog post on how to grow and harvest Vietnamese Coriander. Vietnamese coriander is a herb that is used in some South Asian cooking. Now with the current pandemic, supplies chains are broken it is ever important to have this herb in the garden. This herb has a place in my heart as it makes a very distinctive Malaysian dish called Assam Laksa. There is no other herb that can substitute for it.

Vietnamese coriander also called daun kesum that is grown here in the UK looks different from the ones you get in South Asian but it smells and tastes the same. Perhaps this variety is just more adaptable to cold climates. it is fairly winter hardy it would shrug some mild frost. I find that once the roots are established they can withstand the cold snap temperature much better. They will die back some wintertime but will bounce back in spring.

Once harvested it is possible to freeze it in order to store it. As it has strong woody stems the flavours will not be altered.

how to grow and harvest vietnamese coriander

It has got strong flavors compare to coriander. It is used in fish curries and dishes to counteract the fishy smell. I am sure there are uses for it in other dishes.

How to grow and harvest Vietnamese Coriander

It needs to be grown from a cutting or a young plug plant. This easily available on eBay. Give it a sunny spot, well-drained compost and off it goes. It is not susceptible to aphids due to its strong flavor. Do water it regularly though as the roots don’t withstand much drought. They will throw off roots from its network of stems and roots. This is how more young plants begin their life. The stems and leaves are ready to harvest once they mature. Do harvest as they grow as this will produce more stems and leaves.

Vietnamese coriander is a great companion plant for the flavour it goes well with a mint plant. Otherwise do have a look at growing and harvesting South Asian herbs like Thai basil and coriander.

growing and harvesting vietnamese coriander

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