Bobbi brown makeup session review

I don’t normally or ever post anything related to makeup. I always post things related to look book I had such a good experience of this visit and just thought I make a review out of it. My makeup experience of brands didn’t start till I was in my 30’s. Yup, 30’s before that I just use high street brands. After all they make you look the same don’t they.

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my bobbi brown makeup haul

Along the way I met a friend while I was in art college and she use to work as a makeup artist in MAC. One day she took me to a MAC store an did a makeover on me boy what a difference. She gave me some tips like never use sponges provided but always use brushes. And just go easy and gently nothing heavy strokes.

I was getting older, Youtube make up bloggers were big on the scene. I have learn new products and how to put on makeup from them. They were Tanya Burr and Michelle Phan notably.

I started a family makeup stood at bottom of my priority for the first year after my child was born. Now that he is school I have more time for myself. Like being able to do things with having to think of him/ bringing him along. Trust me talk to anyone whom has got children under 5 with no family support around them. It is a full on job full time.

How I ended up signing up for a makeup session

I bought some replacement makeup recently at Bobbi Brown, John Lewis & Partners flagship Oxford street store. It was first things in the morning the sales person ask if I wanted to sign up for a makeup tutorial with them. I said yes and told myself why not. To be honest I have never had one for many years. Thought I just treat myself and go along with it. I knew they will be some sales involve but I need to replace my makeup supplies as well.

I sign up for the Get ready in 5 minutes make up tutorial and was allocated to a makeup artist. Being busy working mum I could do with cutting down the time it took to put on my makeup. She did an assessment on my needs and the kind of look that I was hoping to achieve. And the magic happen amazing.

boobi brown 5 minutes makeup look

All I can say yes overall it was a very good experience. No pressure to buy. Yes it is to promote their products so do have a look if you have budget and planning to replenish your makeup supply. Like most things there is some downside of it means having to go in to the store. But in order to get a good foundation and concealer match you would have to go in the store.

Buying online and Youtube videos

It’s definitely a no, no to buy it online. That’s my advice. Also Youtube videos change over time the products the makeup bloggers may not suit you. I am of chinese origin so I find it hard to adapt recommended products to my skin sometimes. Or something you like it is only available in the US bump!! That happen to me a few times.

Bobbi brown 5 min makeup look

They are plenty of other different makeup counters to choose from at John Lewis flagship store. However, I would recommend going to Bobbi brown as their customer service is fantastic and so is their products. Get there early mid week if you can. As it can get very busy and you might not get the customer service you thought you will get.

The photos here have been edited with the help of snapseed especially the products the colours will vary. Here is the link to Bobbi brown website.

review of bobbi brown makeup session
review of bobbi brown make up session

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