The in between season style

It’s now in between season style where it’s too hot to wear wooly jumpers but too cold to wear summer clothes. What a change of weather we had here in London last week the temperature just dropped down 10 deg cel less within 2 days!! It was 16 deg cel daytime temperatures.

Change of temperature

Below is what I wore last Sunday (it’s mid September in London) at home compared to what I wore on my post on zip challenge Invisible zip challenge  My quick to sew project And today the weather is back to 21 deg cel?!! oh, what a weather it’s so changeable.

I take the blouses and skirt Mono print on fabric that I make in the summer into in between season (trans-seasonal) wearable outfits. I wear the look for leisure (school runs) or leisure work clothes.

Matching homemade clothes with clothes I bought

I tend to mix and match colours and layers to create the look. The bought the Frame denim blouse/ jacket from end of summer sale about 1-2 months ago online at net-a-porter on my favourite online places to shop. I tend to shop during end of the sale and look for key pieces that will take me to the next season. They provide quick delivery and free returns if the item doesn’t fit you.

Another online shop I love is ebay although it requires one to look hard for it and one may not win the bid after all. Most used items don’t allow returns but it’s a fraction what you get brand new. Another place I like to shop is charity shops and there are loads in London. If time permits I go to affluent areas like Chelsea where the charity shops do amazing good quality clothing items. I once got a genuine Prada dress for £60 in which wore a few times. I sold on ebay latter for nearly the same amount during the Christmas present shopping season as dress wouldn’t fit me anymore.

Trans seasonal outfit

in between season style in between season style[/caption]

in between season style

in between season style

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