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Affiliate course review. I have done an affiliate course by Michelle awhile back after deciding that I need a bit of support of getting to know the world of affiliate marketing. It’s now been 3 months any income a bit, great help yes. I sign up for Michelle course after googling and looking at other reviews about her course. She is a top high earning full-time blogger. She has made tons of money from blogging something like $100,000/ month.

It was a great course I found it easy to understand and yes there is a bit of effort to put on my part. There is also a lot I have yet to learn about blogging as well.

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Advantages of signing up for Michelle affiliate course

Her course is great if you are still new to blogging and looking to find ways to make money out of your blog. I choose Michelle as she also has got a private Facebook group once you sign up for the course. If you are one like me that needs to meet like-minded people who are into affiliate marketing this is a place for you. Not only you will get her on board every Saturday to answer your burning questions. You will also get others in the group to answer your questions as well. Personally, I have met some nicest bloggers I have encountered on my blogging journey there.

Disadvantages of the course

Not for you if are already making an income and been blogging for a few years. All these I believe one will learn thru your journey in blogging. There are others where you can learn on affiliate marketing as well. The downside of being the facebook group is that Michelle is based in America therefore if you are based outside like me in the UK a lot of her affiliate marketing experiences will be not applicable. Like which programs to join, etc. Knowing which affiliate programs to join are important especially when you first start.

I wanted to blog as I want to share what I write with others. I also want my blog to be found in google.

You can sign up using my affiliate link here. I am pretty much a frugal person affiliate link is not good enough I ended searching like mad for coupons and yes I got one that works. It got me 20% off her course. So do a search around. I don’t have the link anymore as I don’t remember but do a search for it if you are really keen.

For more other posts on blogging here is one on 6 things to know before blogging and there are lots more. thank you for dropping by.

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